The Humanities in

the Digital Age

With computational tools and interdisciplinary partnerships, NC State's researchers and students are extending the reach of the humanities into new realms of discovery, critique, and intellectual innovation.

Nicole Coscolluela

"Digital humanities has a very broad definition, but the faculty and other students have exposed me to its potential to create social impact that could benefit marginalized groups." -- MA in Public History.

Meet our current students in the DH Graduate Certificate.

The digital humanities community at NC State works on next-generation digital research and teaching practices, extending humanities scholarship into new domains of critical discovery and public outreach. We pursue interdisciplinary partnerships across the university and collaborate with international scholars and institutes. Embodying NC State’s commitment to “Think and Do,” our researchers and students innovate through award-winning scholarship in digital media studies, cultural heritage visualization, virtual modeling, data and image analytics, gaming research, physical computing and critical making.

Whether by breaking ground in visualization at the world-class facilities at NCSU Libraries, creating partnerships across departments or collaborating on digital projects across the Research Triangle, NC State offers a variety of opportunities to explore the digital humanities, including:

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